Hear the Inspiring Story of Lizzie



Meet Lizzie Velasquez

Lizzie Velasquez is a 26 year old woman from Austin Texas with an amazing story.

After being labeled the world’s ugliest woman in a YouTube video, Lizzie decided to talk back and show all the bullies what she’s capable of.

Elizabeth Ann, nicknamed Lizzie, was born with a rare congenital disease that she shares with only two other people in the world. The disease doesn’t allow her body to store fat, leaving her not weighing more than 29 Kg (64 Pounds). The disease has other aspects; Lizzie has limited vision in her left eye and cannot see with the right. She also has a weak immune system but her condition is not terminal according University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center.

After being bullied all her life, since the first day she went to school, Lizzie decided that no one can stop her from becoming whatever she wanted. Since then she has accomplished 75% of her goals. She graduated from Texas State University majoring in Communication Studies. She wrote three books so far, one of which is an autobiography and has been speaking about bullying and how a person should define themselves.

Watch this amazing speech by Lizzie and get to know her a bit better.


Source: http://virginradiolebanon.com/meet-lizzie-velasquez/


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