Action Against Hunger


 Watch this incredible video here:

You may remember first being taught to share under the watchful eye of your Kindergarten teacher, but we’ve got a new video that suggests something surprising: Kids will happily share, even when they think nobody’s watching.

It’s a concept that we first tested with twenty little ones in Spain who were recorded in pairs as they were told to sit in a room and wait for an adult to return. One of the two was given a snack, while the other was left empty-handed.

How did they react? Did they share their food? Find out for yourself below.

We want to draw attention to one simple fact: in a world with the capacity to feed twice its current population, too many children still die from causes related to acute malnutrition each year. Although we have the means and knowledge to prevent, diagnose and treat deadly malnutrition, only 3% of malnourished children around the world receive access to treatment.

The Sharing Experiment is a reminder that kids have a lot to teach us: global hunger may be highly complex, but we know what to do when someone needs nourishment. The video and our campaign aim to broaden awareness and understanding of deadly malnutrition and generate support for prioritizing childhood malnutrition—a deadly condition that, as the video shows, we’re all predisposed to solving.

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