Places to travel: Largest Treehouse in the World 


 We all love the idea of a tree-house. There’s something about the setting, the privacy, the smell of the wood and trees, the fresh air, the awesome view, and the natural isolation that makes staying in a tree-house worthwhile. Someone out there took his fascination with tree-houses to the next level and built the world’s largest tree-house in Crossville, Tennessee. His name is Horace Burgess. What is so interesting about the world’s largest tree-house?

1. Staircase to nowhere 


 Burgess stated in an interview that he built a staircase to nowhere around the oak tree which supports the tree house. Reminds us of Led Zeppelin’s Stairway to Heaven!

2. Work in Progress 


The 10,000-square-foot structure hasn’t been completed! Burgess revealed that his tree-house is a work in progress, and that he will try and expand it!

3. One tree for all 

  One 85-foot oak tree is supporting the entire structure that is actually built around that tree!  The tree-house today is supported by 6 trees and includes 80 rooms!

4. Nailing it! 


 To build the tree-house, Burgess used 258,000 nails! The tree-house was mostly built out of recycled material!

5. Varieties over varieties


 Burgess is in fact a minister, so he has kept a space for a sanctuary on the third floor of the tree-house where a basketball court is located too!

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